Guest Feedback



Thank u so much Bruce and Deb for the wonderful weekend of riding. My daughter and I thoroughly enjoyed every moment. The horses sure footedness was something u have to experience to fully appreciate how agile and amazing they really are. We loved all the river crossings and having hot meals, a fire and camp chairs set up at every rest stop was so thoughtful and appreciated, i especially loved the small touches like hot breads and rolls kept warm underneath tea towels, really gave off the feeling of homeliness made each customer feel like one of the family. The food was outstanding – my daughter has two passions riding and eating so she was in heaven. The overnight camping arrangements with a hot shower was glamping at its best. Thank you for sharing your corner of the world with us and although after 2 days we were tired and muscle sore we will be back again next year. And thanks to the fantastic logistics coordination team (camp crew) who set up camp at each location and cooked/prepared wonderful meals for us all.

Fay Prouse 


What a fantastic 3 days we’ve had!! 
The staff are so friendly, helpful and patient (school group!)We had such a wonderful time soaking up the atmosphere of the high country, the open spaces and fresh country air, all whilst enjoying the amazing horses you have. It was sensational to see the group of students grow and develop their knowledge of the environment, and confidence around horses.
Will definitely be back!!! Thank you to you all (special mention to Skip too!)


I went on the 2 day ride with four friends last week and loved every moment… so many highlights, riding through snow, reaching Craig’s Hut, riding through streams following narrow paths, eating the most amazing food in the most picturesque places I have ever been. We had really enjoyable time. I would highly recommend adding this to anyone’s bucket list! Although I still I don’t think we got to take it all in enough and will be going back to do another ride. It was worth the burning legs and aching muscles! Great horses, thanks Beau for lugging me around the mountains� Thanks also to Bruce, Deb and team for such an amazing experience x

APRIL 2017

The day ride to Craigs Hut we took part in on Saturday was a “bucket list” experience which lived up to all of our expectations and more..Great horses, great guides and breathtaking scenery, we couldn’t have asked for more! We are a couple of grannies who feel very grateful to have been able to enjoy such a brilliant experience, thanks to all the team at McCormacks. Bev & Sue



Dear Deb and Bruce,

What an extraordinary horse riding adventure that was!  As Macca said to me ‘this is the best thing I’ve ever done in my life”.  I agree with his sentiment.  Nature at its best, mountains, valleys, rivers, trees, rocks!!, boulders!!!, endless skies, clouds, stars, huge moon, silence (in between Anton’s yarns,  exclamations, musings, rants and protestations), huts, plains, AMAZING horses, old friends, new friends, Kookaburra’s laughing at us, flies (bearable up there), snakes, bugs, lashings of great food, yarns, tall tales (lies), conversations, campfires, smoke, tents, swags, swimming, beer (never tasted better), laughter, levity, apprehension, exhilaration, new knowledge, humility and awe.  WOW!!!      A heartfelt thanks to both of you, (and in alphabetic order) Ash, Bonnie, Chris, Dave and Nicki.  And three cheers to the AMAZING calm, strong, patient, safe and fearless horses.  In my case Carlie, Indi and Soli (unlucky buggers).  All different, all wonderful. The trip was wonderfully organized – faultless in fact.  We were provided much more than we could in good conscience have asked for.   We will return, provided we have not been slapped with a life time ban!  There were no drugs, so the Essendon penalty would not be appropriate.  Inappropriate language, telling stories that might have contained ‘Alternative Facts’, failing to fully embrace the ‘silence of the bush’ and over-exuberance; to each we plead guilty as charged.  We will accept an 11 month ban, returning to the scene of the crime(s) in February 2018. Already we have canvassed other adventurers who have expressed enthusiasm.  They are generally less cultivated than us, and without needing to state the bleeding obvious, they are far less skilled, less courageous, less intelligent, less athletic, less agile and less humble than us!!! Thankfully we have 11 months to knock them into shape.For now, I will retire to my ‘dingy little office’ with wonderful memories of the extraordinary adventure, and burning anticipation of a High Country extravaganza with ‘Clanc(ies) of the Overflow’ in 2018.

With my heartfelt thanks and appreciation,Tom (and others from the far West – Gordon the Blistering Bummer, Macca the Fabulous Farrier; Anton the Loquacious Lunatic’;Brendan the Ebullient Equestrian)         


MAY 2017

Hello Deb and Bruce.
Nick and I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your time and effort in taking us up to Craig’s Hut in the 4WD. You would remember that it was pouring with rain on the day we booked.In some ways it was better for us, although we missed the horse experience we were able to have good conversation with Bruce. I am sorry that I pummelled Bruce about the film non stop, but I loved getting the inside goss! Of course we watched the film agin as soon as we got home, and it gave us a different perspective. Little Miller was a star – its nice to see little kids so resilient and have a sense of self at such an early age. You dont see that in the city.
It is such a beautiful area and all the people we met were very friendly and open. I am hoping that we will come back again to you to have the horse experience at a later date. Thank you again. I hope the muster was successful!
Lisa and Nick Carter

APRIL 2016

I was totally overwhelmed with the amazing experience, hospitality, serenity, the beautiful well educated horses. I feel privileged to have ridden with the family from The Man From Snowy River. Thank you so much Bruce, Debbie, Dave, Bonney,Ash and the rest of the team. “I will be back”.


Hi Deb,

Sorry it has taken me a few weeks to write to thank you for the effort that you went to in providing for the special dietary needs of Stefanie and Helena. We were really impressed by the trouble you took to make sure that they had equivalent food to everyone else. They also said that the gluten free chocolate cake was the best they have ever eaten.We all enjoyed the experience of the ride and enjoyed the company and support of you and your staff as well as the other participants.

Thanks again,Ronda Carapetis


Dear Bruce and Deb, I cannot begin to thank both of you and your beautiful staff and family, Nicky, Bonnie, Chris, David and Chris Randall. You were all so very kind to me,  I did appreciate all the help I was given so I could have the experience of a Lifetime. Nicky you were just a Darling and Bonnie your photos were beautiful.  I loved every moment. The Victorian High country is magnificent. The bush touches our souls and tells us who we really are…How lucky we all were to be able to experience the wonders of your part of our beautiful country. I consider myself so very fortunate to be able to ride. It has been the joy of my life. I love the bush and on horseback is the only way I am able to enjoy its healing powers. I enjoyed riding Angel. She took care of me and responded well to my aids. I would just love to come again if you would have me.  The girls are already talking about doing it all again. It must be wonderful for you all, to bring such joy to so many people. What a beautiful family and company you are. I loved the challenge Thank you all so much. You gave me a great gift.  The best of wishes   Jonnie Badger.


Deb and Bruce run a horse riding Tour Company that is more like visiting some old family friends, who take you out for the day, night, couple of days-whatever you choose, and show you a great time. They and their team are easy going, yet caring and professional and all with a great sense of humour. I took my dad on a “bucket list” ride that we had wanted to do since the “Man From Snowy River” movie was released some 30 years ago, and it surpassed all our wildest expectations in every way- including how sore we were, but guess that was to be expected;-) If you want to experience all that is wonderful in Australia, this I a terrific find as a family visit or if you have overseas visitors. I can’t thank the McCormack’s enough for giving me, and my dad, one of the best times of our lives. My dad keeps hinting about when  are we  going back. I work in a corporate environment usually and have the great benefit of living overseas for the last 20 years, I came home especially to do this trip with my dad, and it was a beautiful reminder to me of all the wonderful things we have in Australia and how lucky we are, and how lucky Deb and Bruce are to work where they do. That said though, it was the hospitality of this company that made this trip. We really were very sad to leave, If you’re even just a little bit interested, just do it, you won’t regret it.   Joanne Cosgriff


Amazing! Deb, Bruce, their family and staff run an extremely professional business and it shows from when you arrive to sadly leaving. The team are very informative on the rides and ensure everyone from beginners, like me, to the more professionals are well looked after,

The scenery is beautiful. It was great fun and I highly recommend everyone to all levels doing this, just incredible. Sharon Tuffen


Best few days EVA!! Bruce Deb and their team make you feel so welcome. Horses are in lovely condition, all shod and very calm and reliable in the mountainous country. Slept in swags under the stars (or in tents and huts) Had camp roast or bbq’s for dinner, homemade salads and cold meats for lunch and hot bacon and eggs for brekky.. The countryside, Mt Stirling and Craig’s hut are truly iconic thanks guys, we had a ball   Shirilee McEwen

Chrissy Schulz

We had a fantastic time on our 2 hour ride today, great horses and such a friendly welcoming family, Highly recommend this if you are wanting to do a trail ride in the Mansfield area.

Iliada Bolton.

Had a great couple of days with the crew.  Our group of 12 were all so well looked after- the food was amazing, the horses, gorgeous and I can’t forget to mention the views!! I will certainly recommend this experience with you guys to everyone!!  Worth every cent. I definitely fell in love this week!!!